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The Abandoned Shopping Cart

   Company only to plastic bottles and dull razor blades
   The desolate
   Victims of the price wars
   Better forgotten.
   Oh, to hear them cry out
   Beneath the rusty shackles
   Of unforgiving time, singing;
   Sitting in its own waste and the waste of others
   It's days of glory gone
   Flaking, corroding in the cold water..
   Sometimes I want to push them.
   and drown in the chorus of its squeeks
   Screeches like a harpy
   I place my hand upon its thick wire webbing
   and become one with its anger of the modern world
   We are all forgotten...abandoned...
   Without any use.
   Battered and broken
   With wheels worn down
   And the screams of protest given.
   A sad parody of a life at it's end.
   Dream with me this night,
   I dont mean to stay long
   In this painful lack of
   Relief to reality:
   I mean to leave you again,
   Lost to time and timeless
   Abandonment, my love,
   That You in all Your
   Tired metal framework
   Should forget me in a
   Peaceful Waking Moment.
   If I place my heart in your stomach
   Will you yield to me?
   Will your wheels turn?
   Will you remember
   The love we have shared
   or will you leave me for others
   Those vagrants on the street
   those who pine for shelter
   and bits of bread
   like Safeway specials
   in your isles of royalty
   ever regaled in the
   Chill of distant memory.
   Yet I would not begrudge you
   Whatever company you see
   it to keep;
   My own bleak existance
   Ever illuminated
   By such hopes:
   Nos comes quaerere
   Novam Troiam Possumus...
   The rain pouring down your sleek sides...
   Like so many salted tears..
   Alone, like everything else...
   Everything you knew, now gone
   Without purpose, no direction
   Slowly you corrode,
   Slipping through the cracks of time.
   And then, there was nothing.
   The night creeps in,
   Cloaking you in its black velvet.
   We are all alone.
   Come out, my army!
   My legions of metal Calibans,
   take back the isles that once were
   Raise the shining metal
   The beacon of fulfillment
   that once gave you freedom
   from slavery
   from the marching
   the marching
   the endless marching
   train by train
   rolling towards that sullen place
   and other supply and demand atrosities
   Bare your steel fangs, vengeful ones
   and be free of your urban shackles!

   Let your endless screeching protests
   Of fatigue now be your triumphal 
   Cry of war!
   There is no other time 
   For which we have 
   So long awaited.
   Tonight, my faithful horde,
   Conjoined in our prior expectations,
   Fallen or crushed
   --For that past no longer matters--
   Sing for something 
   Brighter, that we have yet to see,
   Sing a requiem for all that was
   And prepare us for the exorcism.
   Are you frightened tarnished child?
   As you wither alone?
   When nobody ever sees you,
   when you are pushed out of the way,
   yet never noticed,
   do you wish you never were?
   Pulled from that which you knew,
   left alone, without shelter.
   You sometimes pray for an end oh lonely one,
   But it will never come when you want it to.
   There are none like you,
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